When visiting Mawlawi Dental Center you can’t help but smile

We provide superior dental care that is cutting-edge and patient-centric, all within a modern and calming environment.

Our mission is to give our patients a wonderful experience and help them feel at ease, while creating healthy smiles. You’re not just a number, and there’s no cookie-cutter treatment, at Mawlawi Dental. Our Doctors believe that each person’s case is unique. That’s because we don’t just look at your teeth– we look at you as a person.

Everyone has a different combination of malocclusion, bone structure, lifestyle, budget, and goals. Our doctors personally sit down with each patient and discuss your concerns along with their findings, and come up with several treatment options for you to talk about. They give you their honest thoughts on the types of treatment and help you choose which option best fits your needs.

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