Achieving a lifetime of great oral health

It starts early

We understand that your child might be scared to come visit the dentist – after all, we were once children ourselves! At Mawlawi Dental Center, our friendly and welcoming team do their utmost to make your child feel safe and comfortable from the moment they walk through our door.

Five to 10% of Quebec’s young children suffer from tooth decay that can spoil their glowing grin and cause adverse health consequences, even if a child doesn’t complain of pain.

Pediatric dentistry focuses on the provision of high quality oral care and preventative practices for children and adolescents. The Quebec Association of Pediatric Dentists recommends that children go for their first dental visit around 1 year of age. This is not only a good preventative measure but can also serve to provide parents with valuable information on how to maintain their children’s primary teeth as they grow. This of great importance as primary teeth play an integral role in proper speech development and the development of good eating habits. Thus, continuous oral care and a focus on prevention (including regular dental check-ups) is an investment in the overall health of your child.

We help teach parents and their children good oral hygiene habits.

Call us today and let’s schedule a conversation about your child’s oral health.

Three-year old with cavities repaired by a pediatric dentist.


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